Aunt liver will shorten 10 years of life!

Aunt liver will shorten 10 years of life!

Non-alcoholic adult livers can extend the life expectancy of patients under 50 years by 4 years and shorten the life expectancy of patients over 50 years by 10 years.

  People often say “heart and liver baby”, it can be seen that the liver is inherent to the body by no means inferior to the heart.

As the most important organ of the human digestive system, the proportion of damage to the central nervous system in the population is unfortunately the highest in the world. There are more than one billion people with chronic hepatitis B virus alone. The number of liver cancer cases accounts for more than half of the world.

Recently, experts gave scientific knowledge on the prevention of liver disease, misunderstanding of chronic hepatitis B prevention, antiviral treatment of hepatitis B, and prevention of hepatitis and metabolic syndrome.

  Don’t get into the misunderstanding of adult liver cancer Many people know that they have “liver protection drugs” since they have adult liver cancer.

Some businesses are more seized by people’s mentality to “take advantage of the imagination”, and advertising is done in a hurry.

Professor Zeng Minde of Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University reminded that there are a large number of “magic drugs” for rare livers that have not been found. Don’t just think that you can get health by spending money on medicine.

The treatment of auntie liver is a comprehensive comprehensive treatment, the most important of which is precisely controlling diet, increasing exercise, and correcting non-drug treatment such as bad behavior.

And drug treatment is only a supplementary measure, it is a short-term intensive behavior.

Some people are desperate for treatment. After suffering from feces and liver, they desperately lose weight. They even take “diet therapy” and cooperate with heavy exercise to make the weight drop suddenly in a short time. This is not desirable.

Professor Zeng Minde pointed out that although rapid weight loss is not enough to eliminate slight internal regression of the liver, recombination of intrahepatic inflammation and fibrosis is aggravated, leading to metabolic disorders in the body, and even mild hepatitis and liver failure.

Only “gradual weight loss” can make the liver’s trace deposition, inflammation and other pathological improvements.

As the saying goes, “I can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry”, this sentence also applies to the treatment of aunty liver.

There are also-some people think that if you have feces and liver, you must have high blood lipids, and you need to take blood lipid-lowering drugs.

In fact, this view is also biased.

Professor Zeng Minde pointed out that although hyperlipidemia is closely related to the liver of adults, there is usually no causal relationship between the two, but there are no results of clinical trials at home and abroad that can effectively reduce mild liver stasis.

Therefore, under the guidance of your doctor, you should decide as appropriate whether to use lipid-lowering drugs.

Professor Zeng suggested that patients with aunty liver should go to the hospital for regular medical examinations, and pay attention to diet in daily life, especially when eating fruits.

Because fruits contain a certain amount of sugar, especially fruits mixed with monosaccharides and disaccharides, long-term excessive eating can lead to blood sugar and elevated blood lipids, which will not cause obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and adult liver patients.

He recommends that patients replace vegetables with radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes and other fruits, and try to eat fruits before or between meals to reduce the amount of meals they eat.

  Each year, the country loses 900 billion yuan of chronic hepatitis B due to chronic hepatitis B, which causes serious harm to patients, and at the same time adds a heavy economic burden to the country and individuals.

According to Professor Qu Yao, director of the Shanghai Liver Disease Research Center, the annual direct and indirect economic loss due to chronic hepatitis B (including cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma) is about US $ 900 billion.

According to estimates, about 100 million people were previously infected with chronic hepatitis B virus, of which about 28-30 million were chronic hepatitis B patients.

Among them, the annual incidence of decompensated cirrhosis is about 3%, and the 5-year increasing incidence is 16%; the 5-year mortality rate of chronic hepatitis B, cirrhosis and decompensated cirrhosis is 0.

2%, 14% -20% and 70% 86%.

The average annual medical expenses of patients with chronic hepatitis B were also studied in part of a budgeted disease economics paper.

The results show that the annual direct and indirect medical expenses for chronic hepatitis B patients are 20,477 yuan.

The patients with decompensated cirrhosis were RMB 36,323, those with decompensated cirrhosis were RMB 36,757, and those with hepatocellular carcinoma were RMB 38,267.

According to this calculation, the annual direct and indirect economic loss of chronic hepatitis B (including cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma) due to chronic hepatitis B is about 900 billion yuan.

Professor Yao said, “Heavy economic pressure has overwhelmed many chronic hepatitis B patients.

What is even more surprising is that some unscrupulous businesses have advertised a variety of fake medical advertisements in order to make money, which is too harmful to patients, has not wasted money, and has delayed treatment.

Professor Yang Binghui of Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University said: “The prevention of liver disease is actually not difficult, but it is not difficult to achieve vaccine injections, less blood transfusions, careful medication, excessive diet, less alcohol consumption, more exercise, etc.

The key is that people have a sense of love and protection of the liver in daily life and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Increased incidence of non-human non-alcoholic abnormal liver causes excess nutrition and extra body weight, which can also cause the body’s liver to become” fat. ”

Absolutely, through the improvement of people’s living standards, the unfortunate liver known as “rich and noble disease” has become the largest chronic liver disease in the developed regions of developing countries.

Adult liver is divided into alcoholic adult liver and non-alcoholic adult liver.

The former is caused by excessive drinking, and the other is caused by excessive residual temporary food.

It is worth noting that the incidence of non-alcoholic abnormal liver for a long time has far exceeded that of alcoholic wow.At present, there is a lack of follow-up research and investigation on patients with non-alcoholic abnormal liver every year.

But a study in Eastern Europe showed that non-alcoholic abnormal liver can change the life expectancy of patients under 50 years by 4 years and shorten the life expectancy of patients over 50 years by 10 years.

American scholars have also tracked 420 patients with non-alcoholic abnormal liver disease, 8 of whom had occasional cirrhosis at the time of initial diagnosis.

The result is up to 7.

During a follow-up of about 6 years, 91 patients had type 2 diabetes, 94 had hypertension, and 53 of them subsequently died, with a mortality rate of 12.


“The problem of ‘wealthy disease’ lies not in ‘wealth’ but in lack of a healthy lifestyle.