Five medicated diets for diabetes

Five medicated diets for diabetes

The main symptoms of diabetes are thirst and drink more, eat more and lose weight, polyuria or cloudy urine.

The combination of medicine and medicated diet can achieve satisfactory results. Steamed tea catfish, bamboo shoots, porridge of porridge of porridge, spinach root porridge, and yam stewed pork belly are all medicated diets suitable for people with diabetes.

  1, steamed tea catfish effect: tonic, relieve annoyance and thirst, suitable for diabetic thirst, drink more than just and fever and Yin.

  Ingredients: 500 g catfish, moderate amount of green tea.

  Production: Remove the gills, viscera, and wash the catfish. Fill the abdomen with green tea, put it in a dish, steam it in a steamer, and cook it thoroughly.

  How to take: Eat 1 time a day, and eat light fish.

  2, bamboo shoots porridge effect: can clear heat, Xuanfei, dampness, suitable for diabetic people, but also for Jiujia, Jiujia, prolapse of anal embolism.

  Ingredients: 1 fresh bamboo shoot, 100 grams of rice.

  Production: Peel and slice fresh bamboo shoots and cook with rice.

  Usage: Take 2 times daily.

  3, Fuling Pork Bone Decoction effect: to strengthen the temper, water and dampness, tonifying yin and marrow.

  Ingredients: 500 grams of pork spine, 50 grams of Poria
100 g.

  Production: Boil the pork spine into 3 bowls with appropriate amount of water, remove bones and oil slicks, pour Poria in the soil, and fry to 2 bowls to serve.

  Usage: Take once daily.

  4, spinach root porridge effect: benefit the five internal organs, quench thirst and intestines.

  Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh spinach root, 10 grams of chicken internal gold, rice amount.

  Production: Wash the spinach roots, chop them, and fry them with the chicken’s gold for an additional half an hour, then add the washed rice and cook them into porridge.

  Usage: Day service, once a day.

  5, yam stewed pork belly effect: nourish lungs and kidneys, suitable for thirst and polyuria.

  Ingredients: pork belly, yam each amount.

  Production: Cook pork belly first, then yam and simmer until rotten, season with salt.

  Usage: Take on an empty stomach, once daily.