The heart is not good, there are usually 4 kinds of performance on the body. If not, congratulations.

The heart is not good, there are usually 4 kinds of performance on the body. If not, congratulations.

The heart is an important organ of the human body. It provides pressure to our blood and pushes the blood to the body. It can be said that it is the engine of our entire body.

The health of the heart is very important, so this “engine” needs good protection. After all, like a car, if the engine is broken, there is no way to start it.

In general, people with bad heart have four kinds of manifestations. At this time, they should start to know about it. After the general appearance, they will go to check and check.


Back pain is when you sleep, you will find that your hips have a very serious pain, and sometimes you may have heart pain. This needs to be noticed. This is a typical bad heart.

Some people who exercise regularly, said that before a heart attack, sometimes there will be back pain during exercise, but often mistaken for exercise, this also needs attention.


Snoring at night will cause snoring, many people have this problem, but many snoring are not normal, especially after sleeping, there are more than 5 times per hour, up to 10 seconds of apnea, are pathologicalSnoring is also a bad performance of the heart.


Sweating abnormal exercise sweating and hot sweating are normal, this does not have to worry, but suddenly a cold sweat, then this is very abnormal, such as the usual “scared cold sweat”, this is actually the heart is doingIf you are not scared, or there is no evidence of cold sweat, then this is a small place with a bad heart.


Shortness of breath, suffocation is a kind of breathing difficulty that you can perceive, and then suddenly find a situation of depression, or when your breathing rate and breathing speed are abnormal.

These conditions usually occur at night. During sleep, there will be chest tightness and shortness of breath, and then I will be forced to sit up and adjust my breathing. At this time, it will be fine after adjusting for a few minutes. This is relatively minor.

Because the heart is the “engine”, when the power is insufficient, it affects the frequency of breathing.

The above four kinds of physical performances are all symbols of bad heart. If they appear, they usually need to check and keep abreast of their physical condition.

If you find that your heart is not good, then there are 3 things to do below, otherwise it is very sad.


Emotional fluctuations and large mood fluctuations are very influential to the heartbeat. Once the car is driven, the throttle is fluctuating, then the speed is naturally fluctuating up and down, and the consumption of the car is also very large.

Then the human body is the same, the blood pressure caused by the heart is high and low, it is very bad for the whole body, so in peacetime, pay more attention to control the emotions.


Overeating is the most important thing for many obese people, and obese people generally have a lot of problems in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The blood pressure is more serious.

Because this also directly affects the heart, so diet should be restrained, do not overeating.


Excessive smoking, many smokers, it is estimated that smoking only hurts the lungs, but in fact has a great relationship with the problem of cardiogenicity, excessive inhalation of nicotine and nitric oxide, resulting in shrinkage of blood vessels, and then heartbeats, etc., on the heartThe impact is also very large.

In normal times, these three things need to be done less, no matter whether the heart is good or not, they need to be restrained.

In the daily diet, if you want to raise your heart, you can drink more tea and properly add water. It can also help the heart and relieve heart pressure.

Of course, if none of the above is said, then you still need to congratulate, indicating that the heart is not bad.