Cleverly deal with men’s regular vacation

Cleverly deal with men’s “regular vacation”

Everyone, from the day of birth, has a period of climax, a critical period (the period during which the climax period turns to a low period), and a low period.
This theory is applicable to all people. Therefore, the anxiety, irritability, and anxiety of the psychological cycle are not only reflected during the female holiday. Even men, there are always so many days every month.
  German physician Wilhelm?
Fries and Hermann, an Austrian psychologist?
Swaboda, through long-term clinical observations, has revealed the mystery of human biological rhythms.
  It turns out that in the patient’s illness, emotions, and behavior fluctuations, there is a 23-day cycle of physical strength and decline and a 28-day cycle of emotional fluctuations.
  Men’s “regular vacation” example lasts for a month, and there will always be a few days of headache, insomnia, constipation, loss of appetite, difficulty in concentration, and upset.
This is clearly a woman-specific term, but these symptoms appear on Yang Bo as scheduled.
He didn’t realize this was a problem before, but later when chatting with a doctor friend, he realized that men also had such a physiological cycle.
Doctor friends told Yang Bo that his body was actually fine.
  It ‘s just that men ‘s “psychological holiday” is working: every 28 days, the hormone levels in men begin to change, and the levels of testosterone and androgens begin to decline, which causes physiological changes and also causes some psychological fluctuations.
This is a physiological phenomenon that many people have seen but never paid much attention to.
  Men’s “Legal Leave” Countermeasures Learn to ease the pressure of metastasis. Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao says that physical strength, intelligence, and emotion are controlled by biological rhythms in men. Men’s emotional rhythm cycle, or “psychological cycle”, is about 28 days.
“The two or three days outside 28 days are the days when men are ‘inconvenient.’
He suffers from laziness, loss of appetite, dizziness, insomnia and other physical discomforts. At the same time, he is also accompanied by mood swings such as depression, irritability, apathy, and decreased sexual interest.
This is actually the result of his own biological cycle rotation.
This is the biological rhythm we are talking about.
In addition, psychology believes that, in addition to physiological reasons, the pressure of life and the troubles of work are also a cause of periodic depression: when the work pressure is too great and cannot be relieved, it is like a bomb has been detonated in the body.Causes a periodic imbalance of hormones and central nervous transmitters in the brain, which causes men to experience periodic psychological tension, depression, loss, and mood swings.
However, experts emphasize that men ‘s “normal vacation” is different from women ‘s vacations. Women ‘s vacation is a physiological phenomenon and may cause some physical diseases. However, men ‘s “vacation” is only a physical and psychological cycleEmotional changes.
  That is to say, experts say that during the period of psychological holiday, men have bad moods such as irritability, impulsivity, etc., which easily induce digestive diseases such as peptic ulcer, colitis, constipation or diarrhea.
Therefore, men should know enough about their bodies, understand them, and make appropriate psychological adjustments.
Look for some healthy recreational activities to divert stress.
  More exercise and participation in group activities: “When men experience psychological fluctuations, they can be vented through exercise. After a moderate amount of exercise, not only sweat but also depression are excreted by the body.
  When you encounter a problem that you cannot solve, you can ask the people around you, or ask for help, or ease the psychological fluctuations by talking.
“Zou Huixiang from Dongguan Zhongzhi Psychological Counseling Center said.
Although there is no unified conclusion about the psychological cycle of men in the academic circles, we can see that when men experience psychological fluctuations, they tend to hide their true emotions or express them through unhealthy ways such as drinking, gambling, and participating in stimulating activities.come out.
  But experts do n’t approve of this approach, or you can choose to participate in some kind of group activity; go to a meaningful film; visit an exhibition; go to some kind of report performance, use these methods to replace those badVenting channels.
  Mr. Zou suggested that in the critical period and low tide period, we should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, actively adjust our physical functions and emotions, reduce workload, reduce stress for ourselves, and when we feel that the orgasm period is coming, we can use itEnhance the efficiency of your work and study.
For example, students can increase their learning volume and choose some learning methods that require memory, such as recitation of English words.
Workers can take advantage of increased workload to improve work efficiency, so that they can achieve more results with less effort.
  “例假”提醒  男人“例假”期不宜开车  生物节律对所有人都一视同仁,但对不同人产生的影响就有所不同了,比如,对一个学生来说,如果刚好遇到大考,他有可能会Because the mood is at a low tide, which affects the performance level, for a doctor, if the day happens to be on the operating table, it is not necessarily true, but the probability of its abnormal performance is relatively high.
Doctors suggest that men should not drive during the “normal vacation”.
  Hans of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology?
Sinn analyzed 700 traffic accidents and found that 401 of the three biological rhythms that occurred in the driver were on the critical day, accounting for 57.
In a traffic accident investigation, the Japanese Police Agency found that 82% occurred on the critical day of driver biorhythm.
Harold at Missouri State Southern University?In the 100 traffic accidents he analyzed, Professor Wells had 55% of the three biological rhythms of the driver on a critical day.

Domestic investigations of traffic accidents in Xi’an, Chongqing, Shanghai and other places found that 72% of them occurred on the critical day of the driver’s biological rhythm.

Let’s take a look at the performance of the biorhythm program.

An American car company provided a biorhythm table to 60 drivers in its Idaho state branch, asking drivers to be more careful when they were in a critical period.

As a result, car accidents have been reduced by two-thirds.

The Moscow Vehicle Administration made a statistical analysis of traffic accidents and pointed out that anyone who uses biorhythms to guide drivers to attendance can reduce car accidents.

They draw a curve chart for the driver. When the driver is in the low tide period, they will be issued a red car exit permit to increase the driver’s extra care; when the driver is in the critical period, they will not let the car out, thus significantly reducing the accident.

Japan’s Womi Railway Corporation began to implement the biorhythm program in 1969, which immediately reduced the incidence of accidents by 50%.

  据《中国交通报》报道:“浙江汽车运输公司宁波货运站实行驾驶员双重或三重临界期的强制休息制度,对单一临界的驾驶员,在运单上注明:‘今天是你的X力临界Please pay attention to driving safely.

‘Some pilots said: ‘When you think of yourself in a critical period, you drive more safely.

‘After taking this measure, the accident rate for this fleet has dropped significantly.