The beautiful old man of Spain

The beautiful old man of Spain

According to the Spanish newspaper Le Monde.

More than 140 members of the fitness club in Catalonia are over 75 years old.

Dear Fitness Club Manager Robert Elyss said that getting older doesn’t mean that you can’t do any exercise. What we need to solve is how to make ordinary people’s sports more suitable for the physiological needs of the elderly.

Therefore, the Deere Fitness Center removes heavy objects from fitness equipment, uses simpler equipment, or allows older people to participate in soothing dance lessons, and encourages the elderly to exercise in a variety of ways.

  Some fitness centers have also launched fitness exercises such as Tai Chi, elderly aerobics and aged yoga. These sports called “soft gymnastics” allow the elderly to reduce the impact on the body joints while completing the appropriate amount of exercise.It also reduces the risk of injury.

Therefore, unless you have elderly people with osteoporosis and arthritis, you can choose to participate in these fitness activities to make your body healthier.

  The participation of the elderly in fitness is also a challenge to intelligence, because fitness requires them to remember the coach’s explanations and specific actions.

I have to go to the shower, change clothes and buy tickets. These things are not complicated, but they are very useful brain activities for the elderly.

  In addition to having a healthy spirit, there must be healthy food.

There are significant nutritional collocations for older people in Spain, and three major food companies and Nestlé Coffee Company of Switzerland have undertaken research papers on aged food.

The advent of food for the elderly is placed in the blank of nutritional regulation for the elderly, but these foods are not sold in supermarkets or food stores, but are sold in pharmacies.

After carefully asking about the physical condition of the elderly, the pharmacy staff will sell them to them in a targeted manner.

  The biggest difference between the Orientals and the Westerners is the life of the elderly.

The idea of the Orientals is that the older they are, the more they can’t leave their children, and the Westerners are the opposite.

in Spain.

Children graduate from school: When they have a job, they leave their parents to live independently. Most of the elderly are dependent on their own companions.

Now by going to the gym, the old people have effectively expanded their range of activities and incorporated the loneliness in family life.

Or a partner or a confidant, the elderly often appear in the gym, chatting while exercising, then drinking afternoon tea together and watching a bullfight.

The leap year scenery of the elderly in Spain is no longer just dusk!