Teach you a happy night in the cave

Teach you a happy night in the cave

Young friends, when you go through the marriage registration procedure, you will unveil a page of your new life, and the house candles will add infinite new love to you both.

In order for you two to have a sweet night on your wedding night, I would like to say a few quiet words to you, and you will certainly be interested and welcome.

  Prelude to newlywed means happiness is about to come. To make the sound of happy “new wedding” sound harmonious, a prelude is needed before marriage.

This prelude includes receiving pre-marital education, learning about newly-married health care, receiving pre-marital inspections, and paying attention to pre-marital work and rest integration.

Before marriage, the two parties should discuss together to choose a good wedding day, and it is best to avoid the woman’s menstrual period.

In order to prevent the occurrence of honeymoon disease, it is best for both parties to take a bath before they get married, and it is necessary to take good care of the vulva and hands.

  Caring for the wedding night is the beginning of the marriage between the sexes. For the first time, the two sides will inevitably feel a little embarrassed or shy, and the spirit will be a little nervous. The extraordinary woman is more obvious.

Husbands must be more considerate and close to their wives, so that their wives have a higher sense of security and joy, and a joyous atmosphere will be enveloped throughout the new house.

When living a sex life, the hymen rupture aggravates the wife’s feeling of pain. The husband should be good words and comfort, gentle manners, the pain will be covered by excitement, the tacit understanding gradually gradually disappeared.

Generally speaking, men’s sexual desire is stronger, sexual impulses come quickly and fade quickly; while women’s sexual desires are weaker, their performance is more complex, their impulses are slower, and their fades are slower, so their husbands should not be rude.

Rude sexual intercourse, the lighter can increase the pain of hymen rupture, and the severer can even cause a bride’s vaginal laceration.

When the groom is at orgasm, don’t be complacent. Forget about it. When the position is turned, it should be done step by step. Don’t turn quickly, so as not to cause accidental injury and increase extra pain.

  Passionate sex life is not only a physical activity, but also a mental activity.

When loving couples express their true love for the first time on their wedding night, they must fully mobilize the passions of both parties, and at the same time, both parties must understand the process of sexual physiology in order to actively cooperate with each other.

Sexual reactions include periods of excitement, highs, highs and lows.

In the preparatory stage, through sweet language, gentle caresses, and passionate embraces, they can stimulate and arouse each other’s sexual excitement, and can also stimulate men’s genitals or women’s clitoris and breasts and other emotionally sensitive areas to promote the early arrival of sexual excitement.

Wait until both parties have entered a period of sexual excitement, and then have sex.

After sexual intercourse begins, the spirit should focus on the joy of sex to increase sexual pleasure. At this time, don’t discuss things that are not important, so as not to affect the mood of the cave and make the sexual excitement fade away prematurely.

Men’s libido fades faster and women’s libido fades more slowly. The warm ending after ejaculation is just as important as the flirting prelude before intercourse.

Men have to wait for women’s libido to completely disappear, and then end their sex life together.

Throughout the sex life, as long as the two parties achieve tacit understanding, cooperate with each other, and cooperate closely, they can achieve a perfect harmony.

The wife should not make an awkward and passive transition in the sexual life, so as to make the psychological and physical synchronization of both parties, and share joy.

  Doubt that women’s pre-marital military races, high jumps, long jumps, ball games, horse riding, cycling, and other twisting movements can rupture the hymen.

Therefore, when your wife’s hymen is found to be incomplete on the night of your wedding, don’t make a fuss, let alone suspect the ghosts, make extra guesses, and suspect that your wife is unkind.

You should know that suspicion is a manifestation of distrust of your wife’s personality. This will increase the psychological wounds of your wife, and even lead to emotional cracks, which will cast a shadow on your married life.

  Calm When unexpected things happen on the wedding night, be calm and don’t panic.

If the groom appears “honeymoon impotence” due to burnout or mental stress on the wedding night, don’t panic, you can reschedule for sex.

Taking a break or changing the environment usually restores sexual function naturally.

Satisfying the woman’s sexual requirements does not necessarily mean penis insertion. Women’s orgasm can also be achieved in other ways.

If on the night of your wedding, your wife is found to have “fear of sexual intercourse”, causing uncontrollable tension, vaginal insertion, and making married life impossible, as a groom, you need to calm down, wait patiently, and not be forced, even more.Can not blame his wife, but should be comforted by good words.

After the stress, make up for her sexual knowledge. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry, please ask the doctor for psychological consultation if it can be resolved properly.

  Moderate and harmonious husband and wife life, the psychological and physical benefits of both parties.

But on the wedding night, the desire was overwhelming.

It has been reported that newlyweds fainted during the day of overjoy and fainted.

According to the American Science Digest in 1985, the energy consumed during a 10-minute sexual life between husband and wife can generate 3 (Zian 〖Wattian〗) power, which can enable household appliances, including lighting, refrigerators, video recorders and bedrooms.Air conditioner works for 10 minutes at the same time.

Although the completion of sex is only a few minutes, this episode often breaks the tranquility of the night.

Indulgence, light affects sleep, serious accident.

If men can cause impotence or ejaculation, women can cause irregular menstruation and urinary and genitourinary system infections, so “there is no desire to indulge”. The sail of the boat of sex must be controlled by reason.  Wishing the flower of happiness in the family requires the watering of the couple.

Marriage is the beginning of true love, not the end of love.

Newlyweds should continue to create a rich spiritual life and shape a happy and happy marriage.


I wish you all a sweet and happy wedding night!

I wish your flowers of love never fade!

I wish you every success in your common cause!