Baby Talking Game Training

Baby Talking Game Training

Language can not only reflect the developmental state of the baby’s brain and the level of intellectual development, but also enable us to understand more clearly the development of the baby’s thinking level.

  Parents are expecting their baby to learn to speak as soon as possible, and call out “dad” and “mother” with immature voices.

This is probably the most wonderful voice in the world that parents have heard.

  It seems simple to speak, but it actually needs some basic elements.

Let’s first interpret the pre-conditions for the baby’s speech: babies who can make 2-3 months can make a variety of a, o, u and other vowel sounds, with high or low pitch.

The baby’s unconscious babble is telling parents the process of the growth and development of their sound system.

  Hearing sayings say “ten deaf and nine dumb”.

It can be seen that in the process of language development, the most important stimulus is auditory stimulus.

3-4 months baby can hear the direction of the sound, there is hearing selectivity.

  Imitate sexual behavior for 5-6 months.

When the baby makes a dada sound unconsciously, the parents must give him affirmative expressions, encourage the child to imitate the parent’s voice again, and keep a positive attitude to promote the child’s interest in vocalization.

  The transition of rich stimulus transfer time, prepare sufficient pictures, books, physical objects and other items for children to stimulate the absorption and accumulation of vocabulary information of children.

  Interested in knowing familiar things.

When an adult covers the real thing in front of him, the baby will look for it.

Interest is good for promoting baby’s observation and attention.

  Only when the baby has the above five elements, language will be produced.

Of course, the baby speaks early or late, which has a great relationship with the baby’s growth and development, heredity.

For those babies who speak late and speak less, parents should not worry too much.

  How to grasp the critical period of baby’s language?

  The critical period refers to the best time for the baby to master and learn a certain ability in some specific period.

If you miss the critical period of training, you may get half the results with half the effort.

  The critical period of language development is 1.

5-4 years old.

During the 3-4 years of children’s language development, September-24 months is the key period for the baby to learn from the best, imitate, and understand the meaning of words. The age of 2-4 is the key period for truly mastering speech and learning to express language.

At this time, the language learning effect is the best, and the acquired language habits are the easiest to maintain for a long time.

  Tips ★ Have a purpose and plan to encourage your baby to learn to speak from the sound of a note. Don’t be impatient for success.

  ★ Create a good language environment.

Communicate with your baby and confirm your child’s progress in time.

  ★ Beware of babies speaking clearly, stuttering, stuttering, etc. because they are in a hurry to speak.

When such a problem arises, positive guidance must be avoided.

  ★ Cultivate your baby’s ability to listen and prepare for the internal thinking language.

  Speech sound games. Nice sound (0-1 years old) trains your baby to seek sound actively and stimulates the development of hearing.

  How to play Select songs, nursery rhymes, and music that are suitable for your baby, and let your baby appreciate them in daily life.

Game: “Where’s the sound”: Parents of babies of 2 and 3 months can take sound toys. For example, teddy bears can sing on the left, right, top, and bottom of the child, let the baby actively turn his head for sound, and stimulate the babyHearing ability.

Music Bell: Attach the music bell to one of your baby’s feet and shake the little foot to make a sound to attract your baby’s attention.

Afterwards, replace Xiaoling with another foot or hand and repeat the game.

Be careful not to make your baby too tired.

  The cats and dogs chorus (1-2 years old) encourages the baby to take the initiative to be the best and feel the joy of playing with parents through the game.  How to know the picture: Mom takes out pictures of cats and dogs and tells the baby “this is a cat” and “this is a dog”.

Ask your baby to point a finger and talk about what it is called.

When the baby takes out the picture of the cat, the mother “cat cat meows.

“When the baby took out the picture of the dog,” the dog barked.

“Please baby imitate.

The mother shows the picture and the baby learns to call the little animal according to the picture.

After familiarizing with the game, you can enrich animal species such as frogs, baby monkeys, tigers, lions, and birds.

  Who hides (2-3 years old) develops your baby’s observation and attention.

  Show your father, mother, and baby pictures to let them know who they are.

Take a photo in front of the baby “Who is hiding?

“Dad hid.


“Take out the hidden photos.

Cover your baby with a blindfold photo “Who is hiding?

“Mom hid.


“Take out the hidden photos.
Parents are asked to cover their baby to hide.

You can use the pictures at home to play games such as: animals, daily necessities, etc. to help children enrich and accumulate vocabulary.