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Gentle Eye Care

Gradually in the fall, skin problems also appear one by one, not only because of the objective reasons of dry weather, but sometimes our own small habits can cause skin problems.

This is the case for the eyes. The skin on the eyes is the most delicate, so we cannot afford to be negligent.

Follow us gently to protect the eyes against aging, so that the eye wrinkles are reported in the evening.

  Why are there wrinkles?

  Insufficient moisture around the eyes The skin around the eyes is dehydrated, as if the land in the northwestern region is cracked due to lack of water.

Especially in the cold and dry winter and dry air-conditioned rooms, the skin around the eyes is particularly easy to lose moisture, resulting in dry fine lines.

If maintenance and moisture are not given in time, the lines will become deeper and deeper and become real wrinkles.

  The expression lines are deeply wrinkled. When you make various expressions such as laughter, lowering, and grimace, your skin is constantly involved, muscles contract, relax, and over time it becomes a habitual expression pattern.

Some people often laugh, this is the reason why the crow’s feet are particularly easy to grow on the end of the eyes.

  The natural aging of the skin, even the beautiful face, can not resist the damage of time.

After 30 years of age, aging problems such as dryness, slackness followed.

Everyone knows that the skin around the eyes is especially delicate.

As you age, collagen loses rapidly, and skin fiber cells begin to age. Coupled with the external environment and gravity, wrinkles will gradually appear.

  Invisible camouflage of fine lines The dry lines and fine lines that are dehydrated are particularly difficult to cover. Be sure to reconcile them with highly moisturizing eye creams and foundation products to strengthen the moisturizing before concealing.

  STEP1 moisturizing eye cream massages around the eyes, strengthens the slenderness and moisturization around the eyes, and reduces the occurrence of dry lines and fine lines.

  STEP2 mixes the emulsion type moisturizing foundation with the moisturizing eye cream in a ratio of 2: 1, and dips the concealer brush to apply on the eyelids. The temperature on the hand makes the concealer completely adhere to the skin.

  STEP3 apply a small amount of loose powder or powder to fix the makeup with an eye shadow brush, and the fine lines will be filled up.

  Twice a week eye mask can produce moisturizing bright eyes. Eye mask can inject into the skin a lot of nutrients and moisture needed for eye skin health and moisturization. It can even detoxify and first aid.

Twice a week, apply anti-aging and anti-wrinkle eye masks immediately after washing your face, then pat it gently to let the nutrients be completely absorbed. The bright and moist electric eye beauty is yours!

  Do you remember Lulu in “I have a date with Spring” without exaggerating?

She often covered her eyes with a half smile.

The reason is very simple. Try to make as little exaggerated expressions as possible, so that the expression lines are not easy to appear.

  Remove makeup gently without rubbing your eyes. If you pull and wipe the skin around your eyes excessively, it will grow fine lines around your eyes.

Therefore, you must avoid using too much force when removing makeup.

When you feel itchy or uncomfortable, don’t rub it with your fingers, you can touch it with a paper towel.

  Eye protection from the sun and the need to go out will be the threat of skin ageing around the eyes has been increasingly recognized.

Before going out, it is not necessary to apply sunscreen to the face and body skin. It is also necessary to choose sunscreen products for the eyes to protect the skin around the eyes, prevent ultraviolet rays and light aging and accelerate the aging of the skin around the eyes.