You are some type of office worker

You are some type of office worker

Translation: When you drift to the island, hungry and thirsty, will you choose another fastest way to feed yourself?

  A, designed to catch pheasant B, collect coconut C, fish on the shore D, analyze wild boar hunting results: Choice A: You are a “working hard” office worker.

  In your life dictionary, in addition to struggle or struggle, the real thoughts in your heart are usually not told to others, but will be deliberate and secretly try to get them.

Please pay attention to whether the method is appropriate, so as not to get “only care about yourself, ignore others” evaluation.

  Option B: You are a “dream” office worker.

  You have no career ambitions, but you are obsessed with your dreams. In order to realize your dreams, you can sacrifice material enjoyment and not take power from others for profit.

You are willing to do so, and have fun.

  Choice C: You are the “smart” office worker.

  You are clever and know how to save effort and focus at work and get results in a short time.

You are also the boss’ favorite, but your patience is not enough, it is easy to be a tiger, you need to strengthen your endurance training.

  Choice D: You are an “offline” office worker.

  Although you really want to become famous, you often find out the ins and outs of things. They belong to people outside the situation, and the company’s news is usually the last thing you know.

It’s often easy to think of things very simply, until you really do it, you realize that it is not the case at all.