The man in charge exceeds the charm

The man in charge exceeds the charm

Laozu, Xiaobailian, Sissy . I don’t know when, Chinese men are more and more labeled with these tags.

Some men are small-minded and unwilling, and dare to be horizontal at home. Some people open their mouths “hate” and shut up “don’t play with you”. They speak louder than women.

A survey showed that 43% of people thought that the men around them were “timid and not responsible.”

Good boys are in the Quartet and deserve to build their careers, but many men are afraid of hardships, timid indifference, and there are fewer and fewer manly pure men.

  The reason is that, first of all, Chinese men are kind and responsible, all of which are the result of being influenced by Confucian culture and should be inherited and carried forward.

In Confucian culture, there are also educations such as “giving birth to righteousness”, which typically represent values such as “brave”, “belief”, and “righteousness”. However, compared with nomads who plundered and plundered, the Chinese are more representative of “farmers have their fields””Everyone has their own house.”

  Basically, the assessment of society has quietly deteriorated, the expansion of individualism and the spread of hedonism have led to men becoming more and more realistic, and their mentality has also changed dramatically.

  Thirdly, there are too many female teachers in kindergartens and elementary schools, which is not conducive to fostering the exploration and adventure spirit of boys.

Managed education has made men “calcium-deficient” since childhood.

  Finally, research shows that men are 11 years later than women if they want to be fully mature.

Males always have some immature manifestations, and the childishness of the body has never stopped.

  Real men are open-minded and open-minded, have the responsibility to do things, have the courage to bear pressure and responsibilities, and have manliness; real men can flex and stretch, rich cannot be prostitution, poor and immovable, and majestic cannot be flexed; real men have a “blood”, perseverance, and focus, If you don’t accept the defeat, go forward bravely and never fail.

  If you want to be a responsible man, you must first reflect on yourself and ask yourself if you have any goals and what life is for.

Completely abandon the negative thought of “work for a living” and set a longer life goal.

  Second, we need to help others more, find the value and meaning of their own existence, and stimulate internal motivation;

  Third, exercise more, ask friends to work out together, run, climb, etc., can strengthen will and transform spirit.

In addition, when educating boys, parents should not be spoiled, but should be sharpened and moderately frustrated.

Especially the father should take more education to the boy.