Eat more three foods in the fall

Eat more three foods in the fall

The hot summer is finally over. On the occasion of this autumn, the old Chinese medicine health network teaches you how to eat and drink?

  A variety of potatoes.

hzh {display: none; }  秋季正是薯类出产的旺季。Potato foods have a strong body function, which incorporates B vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

Traditionally, it is believed that potato food can supplement the gas. Modern research also believes that they are eaten as staple foods, which is beneficial to prevent obesity and various chronic diseases.

  Regularly eat some yam, sweet potato, taro, potato, etc. As a substitute for fine white rice noodles, it is a very good health care measure.

  Yellow-green fruits and vegetables are orange-yellow fruits and vegetables and green leafy vegetables.

In summer, people eat vegetables and fruits mainly with melon beans.

  For example, cucumber, melon, watermelon, melon, zucchini, etc., green beans, kidney beans, edamame, etc.

In addition to watermelons and green beans, melons have the lowest levels of carotene.

  Therefore, by the time of autumn, people’s vitamin A reserves are adequately reduced. If they are not replenished in time, it is prone to problems such as dark vision loss, dry eyes, and easy infection of the respiratory tract during the spring and winter seasons.

  So eat orange and yellow vegetables, some pumpkins, carrots, tomatoes, etc.

In addition, the vitamin C content of melon beans is also very low. If the long-term lack of vitamin C will cause the immunity to decline, it is easy to catch a cold when changing seasons.

  Therefore, it is also necessary to eat more green leafy vegetables to make up vitamin C, such as kale, spinach, and green cauliflower.

  In the summer of fermented food, people’s appetite is weak, and usually they will eat cold foods. The digestive function of fermentation is weak.

  Therefore, in the fall, you should eat more nutritious and digestible foods. Fermented foods have this benefit.

During fermentation, microorganisms produce a large amount of B vitamins, and the action of microorganisms eliminates the anti-nutritional factors in food, partially decomposes the proteins therein, and enables the trace elements and various active substances therein to be better absorbed and utilized.

  The staple food can be selected from baking noodles, taro and other fermented noodles, especially the noodles and noodles, and the coarse and fine grains are more nutritious.

  Non-staple foods can eat more soybean meal, soybean paste, sauce tofu, hemp tofu, bean juice, yogurt made from milk fermentation, and glutinous rice made from rice fermentation.