Floating like tea

Floating like tea

Like tea, there is always a kind of unclear, unexplained reason, neither because it is like Su Shi said “every good as a beautiful woman”, nor as Tang Tang said, “I would rather not eat for three days, not a day without tea.”.

  Slightly tired, getting up on the brows or trivial things, or falling down, always like to make a cup of tea, put it on the incident of the sun, watching the ups and downs of the tea silently, a kind of inexplicable happinessIt will be as warm as the warm sun, a kind of unprecedented tranquility, just like the sun is lazily scattered on the open pages.

  Although tea culture has a long history in ancient times, the tea ceremony started from asynchronous, but for these, I am purely a layman.

Love it, just because it brings to him the quiet, light, leisure mood.

If I don’t understand the tea ceremony, I think that making tea is extremely simple: put tea in the utensils, and then pour boiling water into it.

But it is such a simple process that can’t be simpler, but gives me a feeling of being alive like tea.

  Every time you make tea, slowly injecting water, the tea leaves lying at the bottom of the vessel begin to rise and fall with the water.

They all have the dead leaves in the autumn wind spinning and spinning.

The weak body gradually began to gradually gradually become fat and full, and finally quietly fell asleep at the bottom of the vessel – it was a kind of leisure that began with tranquility and tranquility.

  Not the same in life?

  When each of us comes to earth, it is like a cup of tea placed in a dish. The “open water” that transfers life is continuously injected, and we are beginning to rise and fall.

In the meantime, our slender body gradually became fuller; in the meantime, it was vigorous, faint, and even mediocre; in the meantime, there was a wave of drifting and involuntarily.

But in the end, it will be as quiet as a pot of tea without water. Everything will be like the sunset in the dusk, and it will disappear silently. The tea will release the deep fragrance because of the boiling water, and life is onlyIn the face of countless setbacks and bumps, we can leave the fragrance of our life.

  Tea is like this, and so is people.

Tea is like life, life is like tea!

  - Start in peace and return to peace.