Don’t sleep after the morning exercise, back to the cage

Don’t sleep after the morning exercise, “back to the cage”

Many elderly people have the habit of getting up early, but because they get up early, some old people have different degrees of fatigue after exercise, and they will choose to sleep back.
Experts reminded that this habit is not good.
  The reason why the elderly are advised to do after the morning exercise is because the musculoskeletal activity is accelerated during the exercise, and the body is able to obtain sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply in time for the organelles of the exercise system, and the blood circulation is accelerated accordingly.
  If you stop going to bed and rest immediately after morning exercise, and quickly change from exercise to relatively static state, venous blood containing a large amount of metabolic waste (such as lactic acid) and carbon dioxide will be deposited in muscles, ligaments, joints, skin and other tissues.The amount is reduced, causing ischemia, hypoxia in the heart, brain, liver, kidney and other organs, which is unfavorable to the recovery of cardiopulmonary function.
  Resting immediately after morning exercise may also cause people to suffer from mental paralysis and limb pain, and some may not be worth the candle.
  It is normal for the elderly to experience fatigue after morning exercise.
If you want to alleviate this situation, you should first grasp the amount of exercise in the morning exercise and do your best.
In addition, go to bed early and get up early to ensure adequate sleep.
Finally, it is to do some sorting exercises at the end of the exercise.
Such as slow hand gymnastics, walking, standing on the ground, etc., properly adjust the state of the body, can also play a role in reducing fatigue.